Email Enrollment

By submitting this form agreement properly completed with all required information, Shareholder of the Co-op apartment specified below expressly acknowledges and agrees that ALL notices provided under the By-laws of Fire Island Pines, Inc., and ALL other communications including but not limited to invoices, statements and/or correspondence, by or on behalf of the Board of Directors of Fire island Pines, Inc., shall be sent exclusively (without necessity of additional mail or other delivery method) to the electronic address provided 100% legibly by the Shareholder as follows:

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Name of Shareholder

Important Conditions:

If the Board in its sole discretions determines that the above information is incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise unacceptable, the Shareholder's attempted elections to receive electronic notices shall be deemed null and void until such time as any deficiency is rectified to Board's satisfaction. In addition, notwithstanding a Shareholder election to receive electronic notices as provided herein, the board may send notices and other communications by such other method as may be set forth in the By-laws, the Proprietary lease of the co-op, and/or applicable laws under the following circumstances:

  • Shareholder's agreement contains incomplete, inaccurate or unacceptable information
  • Shareholder information becomes unusable (for example, if an email is returned unsent)
  • Any one or more Shareholder(s) of a particular apartment delivers written notice to the Board withdrawing his/her/its election to receive electronic notices
  • By Resolution of the Board for any reason
  • Notice of default, notice of termination, and related or other notices are served under the Proprietary Lease (including but not limited to Article III, Paragraph titled: "Expiration of Lease – First") and/or notice of petition and petition and related or other notices are served under applicable local, state or federal law (including but not limited to NY Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law, Article 7).